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Catapult: Your AI Editing Buddy Who Never Flakes Out

Smart Resize:
Tailor Your Videos for Any Social Platform
Instant Transcription:
21 Languages at Lightning Speed
AI-Selected Soundbites
Overwhelmed With Content? We’ve got you.
Customizable in a Click
Text-Based Editing:
Edit your video no timelines necessary! -- as easy as a Word doc
Instant Social Content:
Our ai generates social media posts and video highlights for every different platforms automagically!
AI Copilot

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Even superheroes need a sidekick.
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non-profit, politician, real estate agent, event manager, video podcaster, business owner, coach, social media manager, into ecommerce or recruiting
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“I'm in a deadline-oriented business, and need to turn things around quick - and this makes it easy, even for someone like me who isn't trained in video.”

Lisa Braun Dubbels
CEO, Catalyst Publicity

“I think it's great, particularly for people who don't know anything about how to cut video!”

Shelly Leslie,
17x Emmy Award Winner
“This makes video editing way easier, it'll be a huge time saver!”
Lori Ryan
Emmy Winner and AI Consultant